Keeping Connection

It has been talked about and repeated often in my circle that we have lost a connection to the rhythm of the earth and the cycles and seasons.  It is complained about that people are unaware of what is going on around them and with others in our lives.  It is bemoaned that people don’t connect anymore.  Have you yourself noticed this?  Have you wondered why?

Well…I have a thought…on the eve of our national celebration of gratitude and helping each other through difficult times…it has occurred to me that it *may* be because we have lost the courtesy that our ancestors had.  Simple things…like returning a greeting or a blessing sent.  We currently have the ability to send our warm thoughts and blessings more immediately than ever and we likely receive them more often than ever in the past, but how often do we basically just blow off such greetings?  How often to you return a greeting or blessing sent to you…those random Hey I was thinking about you’s from friends…the full moon blessings…the hey, have a great day messages?  We seem to respond when it is a big thing…a Sabbat…a major life event…a loss…a win…but I think it is in the everyday connection that our grounding and rhythm are to be found.

 Love is the magic.  Sharing warm thoughts and even little frustrations without expectation is what draws us together…it lets us know that there are others out there…even if it is just to say, “I feel ya!”

So my thought is that trust and connection are built one little moment at a time.  I just heard tonight that a good friend and elder in the community has passed.  Unfortunately, my last moments with him were strained.  I wish I had followed through on a thought to shoot him a text…but I didn’t want to bother him.  

Others I have interactions with who do not respond…I will keep trying…I will keep sending the blessings, the hey theres, the random ILY’s.  In this way I am taking my own responsibility for being connected to people, to cycles, and to my community.  You…well, follow your heart…but really remember that all we have is this moment…if you feel it, say it.  The connection may not be there tomorrow.