Keeping the Temple

Keeping the temple Lady Rhiannon Dragcruin 5/28/2013 To many religions, the temple is a place that is separate from the individual.  To Christians, it is the church or cathedral, to Jews, it is the synagogue and to Muslims it is the Mosque.  But the Covenant of Kernunnos is an earth based tradition in a Pagan religion.  So what is the Temple to us?  Our Founding High Priest, Lord Balor, always spoke of living a magickal lifestyle.  In his approach, everything one does is a magickal act and takes part in sacred space, from doing dishes to sweeping the floor to making love.  In our Founding High Priestess’s (Lady Rhiannon) view, every act should be made with awareness, intention, and forethought, choosing actions and words with forethought of the consequences.  Everything we do has repercussions in the world and should be considered magickal.  This makes the whole world our Temple, but that is a bit big for us to consider.  The following will discuss the parts of the Temple and how the Tradition views it’s care.  We do recognize that we all have faults and blind spots, and that we always have room for improvement, however it is good to have an ideal to work toward.

The Body is your Temple:  Each practitioner of the Arts has a responsibility, especially when working with a group, to maintain their body.  What does this mean practically?  First- Clean yourself.  Have pride in your appearance.  Bathe, comb your hair, and wear deodorant.  Wear things that fit to the best of your ability…this does NOT mean Armani suits and Prada…this means to the best of your ability have clothing in good repair and unstained…if you look good, you feel better…and your energy is more positive and is clean.  If you have medical conditions, allergies, sensitivities- attend to them!  Take your medications as prescribed, eat as you are supposed to, and exercise at least a little.  We want you around FOREVER (despite occasional whining that the children won’t go away)


Your Home is your Temple:  Each practitioner is responsible for maintaining a healthy living environment.  If the home is dirty, cluttered, and disorganized then the energy of the people who dwell there is going to be also.  It leads individuals to depression, anxiety, and all manner of openness to illness.  It also makes it more difficult to feel the energies around one because we become numb to our surroundings and move into our heads to escape the overwhelming crush of things around us.  It makes it difficult to work with others or to do positive things for ourselves.  Practically, what does this mean?  First- Clean your living space.  Look around and make hard decisions about what is still serving you.  Make a commitment to yourself and your family to make it a happy place to live.  Ask for help if you are overwhelmed…we are a community (but that will come later) and we are a family and we love you and want you healthy, happy, and safe.

Your Mind is your Temple:  Each practitioner is responsible for maintaining a healthy mental state and feeding their mind with knowledge.  Do you have mood issues?  Attend to them!  Find what helps you.  Meditate, take herbal supplements, see a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.  Socialize and get outside input…you are NEVER as bad as you see yourself.  Your mind will work against you if you let it.  Watch the types of substances you use and monitor the effects on your mind and body.  Know who is good for you and forge good relationships with them so that you can get the support you need.  Are you in a Bonded relationship?  Remember the key is open, honest and clear communication, otherwise the insecurities can be overwhelming!  Learn to find a quiet space, whether physically or just mentally, and commit to taking care of YOU.  Do you thirst for knowledge?  Have conversations, read, take a class, or offer to lead a discussion group.  Feed your mind!  Stagnant minds cannot clearly feel the energy.  We numb out and get in ruts which lead to atrophy and dangerous states of mind.

Your Community is your Temple: Each practitioner has a responsibility to those in the community, to help guide and guard new members, to help build a support network for times of trouble, to communicate with the people around them in Honest, Open, and Clear ways.  We also have the connection to the earth around us… the two leggeds, the four leggeds, winged ones, finned ones, and the legless and many legged.  We should endeavor to treat each other, the earth, and all her creatures with respect.  What does this mean practically?  Tend your land, create a garden and share your produce with others, be supportive and honestly caring to those around you…not just those of the Craft, if you are so drawn- get involved with charitable or activist organizations…work to create the world you want to live in.

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Your Spirit is your Temple:  Each Practitioner has a responsibility to their Gods, to the Fey, and other magickal creatures, as well as to following one’s own dreams and aspirations.  You are drawn to different activities and paths for a reason.  It is one’s own responsibility to create a life that nurtures the growth of one’s own spirit.  What does this mean practically?  Create a relationship with other humans that nurtures your spirit and encourages your own growth.  Cultivate relationships with Deities that also support your growth and lessons, pay attention to the signs around you, listen for the whispers of the divine, honor the fey and nisse…but most of all, listen to your Spirit as you create your path.  It will know where you should be moving and when you should stand still and learn.

All of this is intended to help guide toward a fully integrated life.  In the fully integrated life, we recognize the Sacred in all things and walk in harmony with our purpose as People of the Earth and Keepers of the Craft.  We are part of the guides and guards of the Earth.  We are some of the Wise Ones tasked with leading others to balance and healing.  But in order to do these things, we must first walk the path ourselves.  We must work on coming into balance and attend to these very important parts of our lives as we walk this path.  By doing this, we will be the example that we wish others to follow.  Our Covenant bids that we teach…to teach we must always be learning.  By Learning we will always be growing and as we grow in healthy ways we shine.  Let’s be the light for those who seek such a path by first caring for our Temples!