Imbolg 2014 Meditation

(This was the first meditation written by myself for group use.  It was read by my High Priest because he has a *great* voice for it! 🙂 )

As we gather in this space, we recognize both time and place. We see the winter’s
frozen days ending as forward we gaze. The time has come to stop and release
those things that do not bring us peace. Beliefs, thoughts and actions that bring us
low it may be time to let go. So hearken to the words we speak and journey to find
the peace you seek. All are safe and all are free…and all shall certainly blessed be!
Take a deep breath in and exhale gently.
Just become aware of the speed of your breathing. By breathing deeply and slowly,
your body and mind gradually relax.

Close your eyes and feel your breathing…

Inhale … and exhale. Inhale, feel the air fill your body, and exhale, feel your
body release tension and stress. Feel the air fill your body, and feel your
body release all of the energy that no longer serves you.
Become aware of your physical body. If you need to adjust your position to
be most comfortable feel free to do so. Scan your body looking for areas of
tension. Look for areas of concern; Areas that cause pain. Visualize the
breath filling the problem area, and on the outbreath, visualize all the
tension and stress leaving your body.

Starting from the top of your head – feel the stress and tension melt away.
Your forehead, your eyebrows, your eye, your cheeks, your jaw, your
tongue, the back of your head and your neck. Feel the tension just melt

Over your shoulders, into your upper arms, down past your elbows, into
your forearms, past your wrists, into your hands and fingers. Feel the
energy flow through your crown, down your arms and out your hands.
Immediately you should feel more relaxed, more at peace, and more in tune
with yourself. Stay aware of your breathing as we continue with the physical

The front of your chest, the back of your chest, your solar plexus, and your
lower back, your stomach, your groin, your hips and upper legs. Feel the
tension melt away.

Over your thighs, to your knees, front and back. Your calf muscles and your
ankles. Feel the flow of energy, flow smoothly from your crown,
encompassing your arms and torso, legs and ankles, and finally your feet.
Feel the energy flow freely from your toes.

And while aware of your breath, you should now feel complete, relaxed, and
in tune with yourself.

Imagine walking in the rain. But know this time, the shower is magical. The
water falls from the sky at the perfect temperature. Just stand there and feel
the warm rain gently embracing you. Keep your breathing relaxed, so it’s
nice and deep and slow.

The warm rain has now washed away all stress and all tension. With your
mind’s eye, Look down to your feet, and see all of your tension and stress
simply be washed away.

As you step forward, the rain starts to change color. Firstly, the rain turns
into a beautiful vibrant red. The red water pours down and energizes you,
right to your core. Just stand there a moment and feel yourself infused with
the beautiful vibrant red. Now feel this color washing away all of your fears.
Without any resistance, they are simply washed down and taken away,
returned to the Mother Earth. Release your fears to the warm red water. And
you are now free from fear.

With another step, the rain starts to change color again, and this time, it
becomes a brilliant shade of orange. Orange opens you to experience joy
and allows you to release shame and guilt. Feel the orange wash over you.
Feel the orange color wash through you, washing away all that no longer
serves, making more space for joy.

Stepping forward again, the rain becomes a bright shade of yellow. Feel the
yellow water cleanse emotional pain. Realize that some things are out of
your control and you can best handle them when you are calm and collected.
Feel your body strengthen and become more secure. Yellow clears the mind
and invigorates the digestive system. Take a nice deep breath and feel the
clarity within.

Now the rain turns to a brilliant shade of green – balancing and restoring the
physical body. Green purifies the whole system, renewing your expression of
love and forgiveness. Just as you love – you are loved. Feel the green water
open your heart to all the love you deserve. Know that you are connected to

Then the raindrops change to a beautiful, cooling, magical blue. This blue
enhances self-expression, allowing you to speak your truth, the universal
truth. Feel the blue all around you, allowing you to express yourself,
according to your true-self. Tilt your head back so that the blue water falls
right on your throat. Let the warm water relax all the muscles of your neck.
Breathe in and out freely.

The rain changes color again. It now changes to a color containing indigo
and purple. Feel it land on your crown and wash all over you. Indigo and
purple stimulates your own healing power and wisdom. Indigo stimulates
your third eye and intuition, and purple increases your cosmic connection.
Feel the calming influence of the velvet dark colors of indigo and purple.

And finally, the water turns to a brilliant glowing white light. Feel it embrace
you, warm and pure. This heavenly white takes away any pain and heals any
hurt. It shows you the peace and joy within your own spirit. Take this
moment to enjoy the white light that surrounds you, that fills you, that holds
you secure.

Take another deep breath in and exhale gently.

Envision yourself beside a stream…the rain has stopped and your vision is
clear…you are dry and warm…the edges are crusted over with ice…the stream
runs clear and cold…see the path that runs alongside that stream…
the path leads you forward…follow the path and hear the music of the stream…it
speaks and beckons you…as you walk along you notice your surroundings….see
the vegetation…smell the air…feel the sensation of the path beneath your feet…
The path leads you to a clearing…the new moon is visible in the starry sky above
you….it shines clearly and its pure clear light touches you…(wait 3 breaths)

In the center of the clearing you see a ring of standing stones…the stones call to
you….follow that call…do what feels right…(wait for 6 breaths)

When you are ready, enter the circle of the stones…make your way to the center
and look at the stone altar set there…
Feel the peace of the space…feel the burdens you have been carrying…(wait 6

Notice that you have been carrying a basket…this basket contains representations
of your burdens…notice how heavy this basket feels to you….
Look in the basket and see if there are things you are willing to leave behind
you….lift them up and look at them one by one….then, if you want to let them go,
or even if you just want some help carrying them, place these items on the
altar…(wait 8 breaths)

When you are finished…look at what has been left…thank them for their
lessons…then turn from them and gaze up at the sliver of the moon….feel the light
touching you gently…look around you…see what or who is there for
you……approach the person, animal or thing that is there……..spend some time
communing with this gift….(wait 10 breaths)

When you are ready, take your leave of the person or animal…or pick up the
item…thank the stones and walk out of the circle, taking your basket with you….
(wait 6 breaths)

Return to the path beside the stream…walk back the way you came…notice the
changes to the landscape….(wait 3 breaths)

As you approach the area where you became aware of the stream, see the white
light forming the first step leading your feet back up to the world…know that this
white light protects you and surrounds you always.

Take another step and you are on the next level of the path to now…the purple and
indigo light which stimulates your own healing power and wisdom wraps around
you and raises you up.

A third step brings you to the blue light of self expression. It infuses you and
carries your truth forward.

Your fourth step brings you to the brilliant shade of green light – again balancing
and restoring the physical body.

The fifth step brings you to a bright shade of yellow. Feel the yellow light cleanse
emotional pain and uplift your spirit.

With your sixth step, Feel the orange color wash through you again, washing away
all that no longer serves, making more space for joy.

The final step, the seventh step, brings you to the beautiful vibrant red light. This
light energizes you to the core and removes any residual fears you may be

A layer of each of these lights envelops you as you move forward…returning to this
time and place.

With this you have returned to the beginning of this journey…come back to this
circle….(wait 5 breaths)

when you are ready, open your eyes and return to this time and place….sit and relax…and come back to yourself.

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