The Lady Speaks of Drawing Down

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I see you there, my Lord, my Love…standing beside him always…protecting, guarding, guiding…and ready to be embodied by him. His strength reflects thine own. His form is a fitting shadow of Thine. His heart as strong and true as thine.

Our time is always so short with them. We spend eternity with our energy intermingled but we have not the intensity of the human experience. We cannot touch in the way that they do…cannot embrace or kiss in a physical way. Cannot feel as they do.

When we are invited and allowed to share their bodies, the pleasure, the intensity, the comfort and connection with you is complete. When the Priest and Priestess also share a love so deep, it but enhances our own connection. When I share mind and body with her, I see her love for you and her love for him. I see the complications and frustrations she has with sorting the feelings. I understand the hopes and fears she has for him who is the son of her heart, her friend, her partner, and her beloved… just as you are mine.

To feel your touch when they embrace is a sensation so deep, so moving, that I want it more. She allows me to experience it all from the electric spark of an incidental brush of the hand to the deep pleasure of even the most chaste of kisses. It leaves me wanting more…but that will be with another Priest and Priestess, for we will not meddle in their lives that way. That would be a betrayal on our parts…these two who willingly open to us should be blessed and supported; for without them, and those like them, we would be denied this feeling, this connection, and this experience.

Without them, we would exist in the concept of Love but never have the true experience. We would have connection of energy but not mind and body and spirit. Through them, we understand our children in ways that we have not for centuries, as their kind were nearly silenced and we were nearly forgotten with the stories.

Today we live…we love….we thrive…because the people hear our song again and their hearts respond. They come to worship and praise, to call on our power and the gifts they are born with to help this world to which we and they are bound. Together only can we make the changes that so many years of blindness on their part, and arrogance on ours, has made necessary. Our hearts beat in time with the rhythms of the earth. Theirs can again with but a small connection to us. The leaders, the brave ones willing to be open and vulnerable to us, to trust us to share in their lives wholly are the ones who will create the movements that will affect the change.

So we must be gentle, we must be mindful, and We must be Respectful to them, lest we lose the last chance…and in doing so, we lose each other. This is a price I will not pay, just as she would not lose him.

So come, My Beloved, walk with me in the green of Spring, as we have done so many times. Let our Love renew and Awaken. As we work with him and with her they will build the bonds and the bridges which will allow it all to come together and save us all. Through love alone will it be done. Mine for Thee, his for her and hers for him, Theirs for all who follow.

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4 thoughts on “The Lady Speaks of Drawing Down

  1. Powerful commentary from the Lady. I enjoyed the read. It gives me a better understanding of both how you do things, Mama Rhi, and how the Gods sometimes work through us.

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    • It’s always an interesting (sometimes difficult) balancing act. Thank you dear-heart! We think often about the experience from our point of view but seldom consider Theirs…it was an interesting experience to have Her want to write this…


    • There has been something going on for the last couple of years…perhaps we are all still grieving…perhaps something else, but THEY have been oddly absent. I feel that your disconnection unfortunately fell into timing of what ever has been going on with THEM. Kerri only came back about 2 months ago after nearly a 2 year absence…maybe it is time to call on Pan, or maybe another, again. *HUGS*


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